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Get professional bookkeeping services with B & R Tax Service.

Stop keeping your own books by hand. It is most likely hard for you to keep your company’s books straight, especially when your company is growing or possibly struggling with an inadequate amount of help. If it’s taking too much more time to get your record of your company’s transactions, you should consider getting professional, knowledgeable and discerning bookkeeping help.

B & R Tax Service in Central Point can review your company’s financial records to make sure they’re accurate. Get reliable bookkeeping service and assistance taking care of your company’s financial records for an affordable cost.

Allow the bookkeeping experts at B & R Tax Service to track company profits, expenses and they can also track your inventory and receivables. Keeping your financial records current so that you can have a true picture of how your business is performing.


Basic Bookkeeping Services Duties

For a basic bookkeeping service you should expect for the complete analysis of your financial transactions. Reconcile your bank account(s) and manage bank feeds. You can also get managed accounts payable and receivables.

Did you know an important part of bookkeeping is making sure you are compliant and up to date with taxes and payroll. This might take cooperation from your tax consultant if you have chosen someone else for that.

Payroll is sometimes combined with your bookkeeping and is very important, since making sure payroll taxes are paid on time is consequential, especially when they are late.

Another very important function is to prepare financial statements.

So at the end of the month, each quarter and fiscal year it is good to view your financial statements to see if the company is on track for growth or if something needs to be adjusted to get back on track for growth.

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Signs Your Business Needs a New Plan

You know you need to steer the ship in another direction when your employees don’t fit the environment or culture. No one is happy and will destroy any company. It is time to make some changes?

Your sales keep dropping for multiple months or quarters.

You’re having problems paying the bills.

Either you are seeing high return volume or complaints about your service.

When you lose more than one key customer.

That’s why you’re losing the energy to stay ahead of the problems.



Are you having a plan is always the best way to get things done?

Then trust B & R Tax Service to get your plan put into action.

Bookkeeping service is a great place to start!