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 You don’t have to spend hours filling out your return. Our team at B & R’s will handle the exhausting task of tax return services. With an extensive education in tax and years of experience, we are Accredited Enrolled Agents. And there’s nothing they haven’t seen before. 

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Personal tax preparation made easy and complex business returns, the experts at B & R Tax Service will take away the stress you have about getting your taxes completed. Exceptional tax services, affordable and the office is open all year round.

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There are a few people who are only required to file a 1040, however, most people have complex situations that are better left to our professionals. Whether you need help filing a gift tax return or amending a return, trust B & R Tax Service.


Over 30 Years Tax Service Experience


With over 30 years of experience working in the complex tax preparation field, you can count on us to take care of the toughest tax return services.

The most common tax deductions missed

Here are some of the most missed items not to forget

  1. Even though reinvested dividends aren’t a deduction, it works like one. If you reinvest your dividends in your mutual fund and stock, remember that each reinvestment increases your “tax basis” in the stock or mutual fund.
  2. Charitable contributions and sometimes mileage to a charitable purpose.
  3. Student loan payments.
  4. Military personnel moving expenses.
  5. Child and dependent tax credit.
  6. Earned income tax credit.
  7. State tax paid in previous tax year.
  8. Mortgage refinance points